Who we are:

Strom, pronounced with a long O (Ström) is the German word for current. Strom is used to describe the force and movement of either water or electricity. In a single word, it best describes our company since Strom is literally putting “Energy in Motion”. 


STROM, Inc. is currently planning construction of a 1.5 Million Gallon Per Day (gpd), expandable to 13.5 Million gpd, natural gas liquefaction plant in Citrus County, Florida so that liquid natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) can be readily available to fuel the US transportation market. These markets we intend to serve include trucking Over The Road (OTR), Marine and Railroad segments. Strom will also manufacture LNG for export to countries that have strategic trading relationships with the United States.

In the LNG export market, Strom is set apart by its long established roots in the region. Our principals originated from the region and have a combined 300 years generational relationship in the area we focus on. Strom is also proud to be a Florida based minority-owned company.

What we do:

Strom along with its subsidiary companies can supply Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) by portable ISO container dispensing units or load marine vessels in bulk, install Dual Fuel (LNG / Diesel fuel) conversion systems for a full range of diesel or turbine engines, supply and operate dedicated LNG/CNG fueled power plants and operate LNG storage and fueling terminals for global LNG tanker export. Initially Strom intends to distribute LNG by 40′ ISO containers across Florida, to the Caribbean and the Americas including US Territories in compliance with Department of Energy (DOE) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Who we Serve:

STROM is a solution provider for medium and large scale transportation and energy companies. Strom designs, builds, and finances turn key LNG solutions to the transportation and energy market place. Strom is one of the first companies to secure a long-term contract to export LNG via 40′ ISO Intermodal containers to a major U.S. company in the Caribbean.

Simple Business Model:

Our business model is simple: Initially, Strom will manufacture and distribute LNG via ISO intermodal containers to US and foreign markets that do not currently have LNG infrastructure.

In Phase II, Strom will develop a larger LNG liquifaction facility along with bulk LNG storage and a marine loading facility to both refuel LNG powered ships and to bulk load tanker ships exporting LNG to strategic trading partners of the United States.

Why Floridian’s should care:

Strom is a proud Florida based corporation that intends to be a strong corporate partner to the State of Florida. Strom will directly add more than 100 permanent, full time and high paying jobs to the Florida economy. In addition, an estimated 1,500 jobs for Phase I and II facility construction. After completion of both phases of our operation Strom will increase Florida’s gross domestic product by trillion’s of dollars and intends to support both social and environmental issues Florida faces currently.