Strom is playing a significant role in the development of the LNG fuel marketplace within the United States.

In the domestic market, Strom and its subsidiary companies along with strategic partners, offer turn key LNG solutions to commercial transportation industry including truck, marine and rail fleet owners. In addition, Strom also offers turn key LNG solutions for commercial and industrial energy users that peak shed and  utility scale power producers who are not on the gas pipeline or are in an area where the pipeline is fully subscribed but wish to use LNG for peak demand response.

Commercial Over the Road Trucking Fleet Owners

Strom partner companies provide unique dual fuel solutions for your fleet of diesel or gasoline trucks to reduce their fuel consumption by at least 60%. Inquire today to discover how your fleet can save 30% or more on your current fuel costs with a 1.7 year return on investment utilizing LNG fuel. We have turn key solutions that provide the ease of use your drivers and managers require with savings to give your company the edge over the competition. Not to mention the additional value of green marketing buzz about your cleaner emissions.

Commercial Marine Fleet Owners

Strom will provide LNG to marine vessels by Truck-to-Ship (TTS) long line and is commissioning one of the first LNG Bunker Barge vessels to operate in the Gulf of Mexico that can bunker LNG Ship-to-Ship (STS) to vessels with dedicated or dual-fuel LNG engines. Strom partner companies can also convert your existing high horsepower engines to utilize cost effective LNG fuel. Inquire today to learn how you can reduce your fleet fueling costs, improve your emissions to comply with the US EPA’s Emission Control Areas (ECA) and not limit your range or power.

Commercial Rail or Locomotive Fleet Owners

Are you interested in LNG/Diesel dual fuel for your rail fleet? Strom can provides FRA approved LNG tender rail cars, LNG fuel and LNG/Diesel conversion systems for your your existing high horsepower locomotive engines to utilize our cost effective, American made LNG fuel. Inquire today to learn how you can reduce your fuel cost, improve emissions and do so without limiting range or power.

Natural Gas Well Rig Operators

Are you running remote natural gas wells and using diesel to generate your power? Strom can deliver LNG by truck to significantly reduce your rig’s operation costs and emissions.

Peak Shedding Power Users

Are you managing a theme park, stadium, convention center, mall, server farm, or other industrial power consumer with a negotiated peak power agreement? Then contact us to see how we can save you 30% or more on your peak generation scheme with LNG instead of Diesel. If you are using diesel currently you cannot afford to not call us.

Utility Scale Power Producers

Are you running diesel or fuel oil in turbines or large reciprocating engines to manage peak power spikes and demand response? Are you burning coal and looking to find a virtual pipeline of natural gas? Contact us to see if we can deliver a solution that will reduce both fuel costs and emissions.




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