Strom has three (3) long term natural gas export licenses pending with the US Department of Energy to export initially 42 Billion Standard Cubic Feet per year of clean burning natural gas. Strom is in the process of expanding their NFTA License to 390 Billion Standard Cubic Feet per year.

These three licenses will allow Strom to export initially to Nations who have signed a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. The second license will allow Strom to export to Nations who have not signed Free Trade Agreements with the US that are not part of the Caribbean Island Nations. The third license will allow STROM to export specifically to CARICOM/CARIFORM and Caribbean Nations that have not signed and Free Trade Agreement with the United States but desperately need reduced energy costs and want to reduce environmental damage from bunker and coal fired power plants burning in close proximity to the US coastline.

Export to markets without LNG or Natural Gas Infrastructure

Strom will export natural gas in its liquid form by way of 40’ ISO IM07/TVAC-ACME LNG containers to supply markets where natural gas infrastructure does not yet exist. Strom believes this method important to develop the international markets for natural gas. It directly benefits the end user and STROM to serve these niche markets and provides the fastest way to bring cleaner burning natural gas to power producers and transportation companies outside the United States. Strom presently has positioned itself to be the largest volume exporter of LNG by ISO container.

Export to Markets with LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure

Typically projects for export have been reliant on large scale, large capital, vertical integration where one large company or a group of a few construct and operate LNG liquefaction plants, LNG export terminals, LNG Tankers, and LNG regasification facilities and in some cases distribution pipelines to benefit a specific project.

Strom recognizes the cost effectiveness of this model and is currently developing an LNG bulk transfer terminal in a strategic location on the Florida Gulfcoast that will be able to serve the expanding LNG bulk export market. The project will include the requisite infrastructure to safely and efficiently store and transfer LNG in 20,000+ cubic meters lots to LNG Tanker ships. This facility will benefit both the United Sates and the State of Florida in the form of increased GDP, employment and additional benefits from the new LNG economy.

Strom’s partners have been at the forefront of some of the most unique projects in the region and have managed assets in excess of $1B.  We are an innovative LNG provider and power generation company that focuses on Latin American, the Caribbean, and Asian markets.

Our partners have been involved in the design, financing and permitting of major energy projects in the region and our long history and strategic relationships have been the core of our strength.  Our integrity and corporate governance are the cornerstone to our success and geographical development.

There are several reasons Strom, Inc. is the best choice in Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • We have represented some of the largest clients and governments in the region.
  • We understand the legal, cultural, environmental, and government process.
  • We have provided consulting services to major resorts and hotels in the region.
  • We provide liquefied natural gas utilizing 40′ containers where natural gas infrastructure is not available
  • We ship from Florida to Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.
  • We can reduce your energy costs by as much as 20% in some regions.
  • We provide turn-key solution including financing for infrastructure and conversion.