STROM tells the FERC and FGS what they think of FGS motion:

“FGS and its partners” (British Petroleum, BP) “are very large corporation with unlimited resources which continuously present obstacles to small MicroLNG systems such as their filing in CP14-114 (Emera). Although the commission customarily grants motion to intervene, the commission has noted in previous rulings that motions to intervene that are for the primary purpose of setting precedence are of concern to the
commission. If there were ever an MLI with a precedent setting goal, look no further than FGS’s MLI.
Should this MLI be granted, it is inevitable the each most, if not all, of the commission’s regulated
businesses will intervene in a future motion for MicroLNG, CNG, or other systems that may lead to more
efficient delivery of natural gas.” Read the whole response here

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